CECA 1st Quarter Award Winners

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Ceca Foundation was established in 2013 to “Celebrate caregiver” excellence and honors employees at participating healthcare centers. Nominations are submitted by fellow staff members, managers, patients, healthcare residents and loved ones. These stories of extraordinary acts of care giving serve as examples of care that goes beyond required competency, safety and security.

A Selection Panel for each organization meets quarterly to choose an honoree. Each selection panel is made up of individuals who represent the partner healthcare organization, Ceca Foundation, and the interests of patients or healthcare residents. This brings a variety of perspectives and assures independent decision-making in the award process.

Ceca celebrates each honoree with a public award presentation and a $250 prize. To read more about Ceca, please visit their website at https://cecafoundation.org/.

After careful consideration, our selection committee has choose two employees to be award the $250 prize.  The first quarter winners are:

Sarah Ponce- Most Nominations
Maria Buzzi- 2017 Best Nominator!