Nursing Home Week 2014

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We have a lot planned for Nursing Home Week at Manassas.

For our residents we have scheduled:

Sunday May 11

2:30 Mother’s Day Tea (DR)


Monday May 12

10:30 Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii (DR)

11:30 Welcome to Hawaii (E)

2:30 Birthdays Hawaiian Style (DR)

3:30 Birthdays Hawaiian Style (E)


Tuesday May 13

10:30 Happy Hoofers (DR)

2:30 Hawaiian Crafts (DR)

3:30 Hawaiian Name 3 (E)


Wednesday May 14

2:30   Hawaiian Social Celebration (DR)


Thursday May 15

10:30 Mary Kay Make Overs (DR)

11:30 Travel To Hawaii (E)

1 – 3 Vendor Fair (DR)

3:30 Hawaiian Cocktails (DR)


Friday May 16

2:30 Hawaiian Game Day (DR)

** Staff to bring a resident and play a Hawaiian game**


For our staff we have scheduled:

Monday- Survivor Hawaii (staff compete in games for prizes)

Tuesday- Trivia Tuesday

Wednesday- Hawaiian Shirt Day

Thursday- Happy Hour with mocktails

Friday- Cookout

Be sure to check our Facebook page for updates and photos after each event.